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Gomco 6000 / 6002 / 6003 Gastro-Intestinal


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Gomco Model 6000

The Gomco Model 6000 Gastric Drainage Aspirator includes disposable suction tubing, three disposable hydrophobic bacteria filters, and your choice of 2800 ml reusable polycarbonate or 2100 ml disposable canister.

The 6000 is a mobile aspirator specializing in gastric drainage for hospitals and clinics. It has 2 pre-set drainage levels of -90 mm Hg and -120 mm Hg with 0.25 and 0.3 lpm respective flow rates. The Model 6000 unit is designed to help assure gentile suction for such specialized uses as gastric lavage, abdominal decompression, duodenal and fistula drainage, and drainage following prostatectomy.

Gomco thermotic gastric drainage mobile pumps are engineered to provide suction by alternating the expansion and contraction of air within a cylinder at regular intervals. There are no moving parts, providing quieter operation. The pumps are designed to operate for an extended period of time without attention, while solid-state controls help to assure mild suction.

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