ECG (Electrocardiogram)

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GE Case Stress Test Workstation with Treadmill


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GE Case Stress Test Workstation with Treadmill (View Large Picture)

  • ECG Analysis Frequency: 500 Hz
  • ST Measurements: ST amplitudes, slope, integral, index, ST/HR slope, ST/HR loops, ST/HR index up to 15 leads
  • E, J and Post-J Point: Manual or computer selected
  • Signal Processing: Incremental median updating technique
  • Baseline Correction: Finite Residual Filter (FRF) and/or Cubic Spline analysis
  • QRS Detection and Analysis: Automatic or manual lead selection
  • ECG Output: Real-time ECG/QRS beep/TTL synchronization output
  • Heart Rate: Automatic arrhythmia detection, documentation and annotation
  • Full-Disclosure ECG: Beat-to-beat ECG storage & event review
  • Reanalysis: Post-test medians measurements from E, J and post-J point selections
  • ECG Interpretation (Optional): Marquette * 12SL * resting ECG analysis program for adults and pediatrics
  • Additional ECG Function: XTI stress interpretation; Vectorcardiography (15 lead)

ECG > GE Case Stress Test Workstation with Treadmill
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